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Brian's creations have been featured in publications including Country Life, The Sunday Telegraph and House & Garden Magazine...



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The Unique Leadworking Expertise to Tackle the most Complex of Jobs

Brian Turner employs all three traditional leadworking methods in the creation of his extraordinary pieces, namely, ‘cire perdue’ or Lost Wax, Sand Casting and the Lead Hand Skills: Dressing, Bossing, Lead Burning and Soldering.


To see video footage of the Sand Casting process in action at our workshop - visit our Blog.


Click here to read the history of lead.


'Brian was able to oversee a complex project as well as expertly casting the lead from my patterns'  Gary Breeze, award-winning lettering sculptor



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Lost Wax

'Lost Wax', to give it its English name, is a lead casting process used for both hollow and solid forms...


A model is first sculpted in wax, then encased in a protective plaster coating.  When heated, the wax melts and runs out, ready to be be replaced with molten lead.


Once filled and cooled the mould is broken open, the plaster core removed, and the metal casting hand-finished by careful filing.



Brian Turner's Lead Hand Skills

Lead Hand Skills

Lead Hand Skills are the manual arts of manipulating lead from one form into another using boxwood hand tools...


Brian often uses these tools and techniques whilst making-up corners from lead sheet and particularly for bossing corners of a bowl. 


The largest bowl Turners has (so far) been commissioned to produce measured 1500mm diameter and weighed 900 kilos.



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